Sandton FX

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Why trade gold and silver through SandtonFX?

  • No Re-quotes on all metal products, giving you fast, efficient trade execution without expensive re-quotes.
  • Lower Transaction Costs. Trade Commission Free, no exchange fees, & no clearing fees. The transaction cost is the spread, the difference between the buy and sell price.
  • Greater Ease of Trading. Gold and Silver are traded alongside currencies on SandtonFX Trading Station, providing you with convenient, intuitive, one-click trading.
  • Generous Leverage. Trading in the futures market requires large contracts - $4000 margin to maintain a 100-ounce position is common. In the futures market leverage is usually limited to 25 to 1.
  • Hedging Capability. You can go long or short spot gold in the same account and hedge your positions.
  • Advanced Charting. Trade gold from SandtonFX's advanced charting package.
Product Details
Instrument Name Minimum Trade Size Margin Requirement
per min trade size
Typical SandtonFX Spread Minimum Stop Distance (Points)
    USD GBP EUR    
XAU/USD 1 4 3 3 0.5 0.1
XAG/USD 50 7.5 5 5 0.05 0.1
XPD/USD 1 12.5 10 10 4 10
XPT/USD 1 4 3 3 7 10
Copper 1 50 30 35 0.002 0.002

Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD) Trading Hours

Gold and Silver trading will commence on Sunday at 23.00 GMT. Furthermore, there will be a daily break in gold and silver trading at 22.00 GMT and trading in Gold and Silver will resume at 23.00 GMT. During the break, you will not be able to place market orders, and limit/stops cannot be placed and/or amended.

Gold/Silver Rollover Explained

Spot Gold/Silver Rollover will be performed in the same manner as our forex instruments.

Copper Expiration

Copper is the only metal to have a once every other month expiration. All other metal trades will remain open until such time the client closes the position or there is insufficient margin to support the open position. For Copper, the open position will be closed by SandtonFX.

Contract Month Reference Expiration SandtonFX Expiration
March 28-Feb 27-Feb
May 30-Apr 29-Apr
July 28-Jun 27-Jun
September 30-Aug 29-Aug
December 29-Nov 28-Nov